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Your Good Things

As Donna’s Good Things was taking shape, a friend and supporter in Ohio asked the simple question, “What can out-of-towners do to get involved?” Our efforts had been focused locally to Chicago as had our fundraising events. What we hadn’t realized was that we were neglecting our online community, those across the United States and the world who had been following Donna’s cancer story through our journal, This community had sustained us through 31 months of treatment and 12 months of grief. It didn’t feel right to move from such a global community to such a local community.

We were reminded of the hundreds of notes we received in the summer of 2009 from folks who replied to our journal question, “How has Donna influenced you?” The amazing responses showed us that Donna still had the power to influence. It was a bit like a lightning strike, but it became clear that Donna’s followers could be inspired to do their own good things, large and small, and share them here. This site is a clearinghouse for goodness. Come here to share your stories, read others’ stories, learn, be inspired, teach.

What are your good things? How do you choose hope? Tell us here.

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