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Our Good Things

The Donna's Good Things logo, two acorns, is a symbol of strength, potential, immortality, power, and growth. We didn’t always know the significance of acorns and their link to Donna came through happenstance. On Donna’s fifth birthday, the first birthday after her death, two of her closest playmates gave us envelopes with acorns in them. Each of these girls, both four at the time and not in any contact with the other, wanted us to have these little pieces of nature that reminded them of their friend Donna. One of the girl's moms described her daughter as very purposefully gathering the acorns and instructing her to give them to us so we would think of Donna. We did. And still do, but now the sighting of acorns brings us comfort and peace. They remind us of Donna, her strength, her potential - - fulfilled through each of us by doing good things that honor her memory and spirit.

Here are some of our good things.

  • In 2009 two students received Donna’s Good Things dance scholarships to continue their lessons. In 2010-11 that number tripled, all studying at Performing Arts Limited in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. See the Dance Scholarship page for more information and scholarship applications.
  • We give personal DVD players to help families through the grueling, sometimes painful treatments and procedures that are part of cancer treatment. 
  • We've donated four iPads, so each Child Life therapist in oncology has one to use for education and distraction.
  • Our soon to be annual Happy Hopeful New Years Eve Party is organized for all inpatient families on the oncology unit of Children's Memorial.  The first was held in 2007 when Donna was hospitalized for her stem cell transplant.  What started as a way to fight boredom during a long stay in isolation morphed into a wonderful, joyful bash where patients, siblings, parents, grandparents and nurses alike gathered to ring in the new year.  Donna's Good Things supplies the treats, sparkling cider, noise makers and silly hats while the kids and their families bring the cheer and hope.
  • We are sponsoring monthly performances of Wiggleworms from the Old Town School of Folk Music. Wiggleworms artists will entertain young children and their parents with traditional and original folk songs at the Brown Family Life Center of Children's Memorial starting in August 2011. They will be broadcast on closed circuit television throughout the hospital, allowing all inpatient children to enjoy and participate in the performances. 

Do you have an idea for a good thing? Tell us about it and maybe we can help!