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What We Do

Donna’s Good Things started with a telephone call. The owner of the dance studio where Donna took classes phoned to offer her support and encouragement during Donna’s vigil. We mentioned that when things calmed we would like to do something to honor Donna and give back to the studio that had become her second home. It turns out there were two sisters who had recently dropped out of their classes for economic reasons. A promise was made and a check was written. The sisters returned to their lessons within days and Donna’s Good Things was born. Knowing that two girls would be able to dance even though Donna could not brought us great comfort at such a difficult time.

Since then, Donna’s Good Things has assembled a board of directors, and qualified for 501(c)(3) status. Our mission has grown and is guided by Donna’s approach to life.  We aim to:

  • Provide joyful opportunities for children facing adversity, be it economic, familial, social or health related;
  • Encourage your good things by providing an online community where folks can share in words or photos something they've done influenced by Donna's inspiration.

Donna was in treatment for cancer for two and a half years, from the age of 20 months. Much of that time we spent in worry and anxiety. Donna herself, though, was a happy little kid. We played through her fears, delighted in her growth, and loved her. During that time, Donna taught us the value of finding joy in the dark moments, and finding hope in even the most hopeless times. To those who are facing dark and hopeless times, we hope to help you find that joy. And for those of you with health and happiness, we want to help you reach out too.